NASA PHARMACEUTICAL PVT. LTD. India is aligning itself with the parent company in areas such as clinical trials, clinical data management, global pack management, sourcing raw material and support for business processes including analytics.

NASA PHARMACEUTICAL's best-in-class field force, backed by a nation-wide network of stockists, ensures that the Company's products are readily available in the nation. NASA PHARMACEUTICAL PVT. LTD. has one manufacturing units in India, located at DEHRADUN .

The state of art plant at DEHRADUN makes formulations while bulk drugs and the active pharmaceutical ingredients are manufactured at DEHRADUN.Being a leader brings responsibility towards the communities in which we operate.

At NASA PHARMACEUTICAL, we have a Corporate Social Responsibility program that works towards fulfilling basic healthcare, education and other developmental needs of the underserved population. With this dedication and commitment, we believe that the world will be better, healthier and happier.

NASA PHARMACEUTICAL is committed to developing new and effective healthcare solutions. The values on which the group was founded have always inspired growth and will continue to do so in times to come.